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Target Information Breach December 2013

If you or anyone you know shops at Target, your debit or credit card may have been compromised. This data breach occurred November 27 through December 15, 2013. It impacted approximately 40 million U.S. payment cards — NOT just Target RedCards but financial institution-issued credit and debit cards as well.

So if you purchased anything with a payment card at a Target store during that time period, you could be one of the 40 million data breach victims nationwide.

What Should You Do?


Continuously check your bank statement for any suspicious activity


If you detect a problem: RedCard holders should contact Target (1-800-440-0680); others should contact their financial institution


Impacted debit card users should change their PIN


Monitor your credit account regularly and set purchase amount alerts


We have learned that phishing e-mails are being sent out that appear to be from Target.  These e-mails play on the fears of the public that they may have had their card compromised.  Please proceed with caution if you receive an e-mail from Target and do not open ANY links that may be included in these e-mails as that could potentially allow additional access to their personal information. 

We have also learned some people have received calls, that are not from their financial institution, claiming their debit card has been compromised and asking for them to press 1 to unblock their card.  They are then asked for information to charge them for the service.  A couple of the numbers showing on caller ID are 877-277-3125 and 253-638-27 from Kent Washington.

Additional Details
For more details about this payment card data breach and how to protect your information, read Target's official statements.

You can also acquire additional information via the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website, or by calling (1-877-438-4338).