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Text Message Scams- 11/13/2012

Central State Bank has recently been made aware of a number of text message scams affecting our customers.  This type of scam is referred to as smishing.  Smishing uses cell phone text messages to lure consumers in and will often contain a website URL or phone number with an automated voice response system. The smishing message usually asks for your immediate attention. 

In the reports to Central State Bank the text messages have come from a 1-800 or 1-561 number.  When these numbers are called the consumer is asked for personal information and account information.  DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION as these have been determined to be scams. 

If you have given any information out please contact Central State Bank at 231-882-4462 or 231-882-4476. 

For more information on how to protect yourself please visit the Security Center on the Central State Bank website. 

For more information on how to protect your mobile devices please click here